Executing a successful route to market strategy in Africa

The Mauritius Africa Business Club in collaboration with StraConsult had the pleasure of hosting a presentation by Stefano Niavas form the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) from Johannesburg and of Mark Van Beuningen CEO of CIM on the theme Executing a successful route to market strategy in Africa on the 12th of April 2019.

Stefano Niavas from BCG presented BCG’s perspective on how to execute a successful go-to-market strategy in Africa. In addition to working with clients across the continent, BCG has studied how companies, including local players and multinational companies (MNCs), overcome the considerable challenges that define Africa’s business environment particularly the goods consumer market. Although there are outliers and exceptions BCG has found that most successful companies take the following five key steps in setting their routes to market:

 1. Achieving a clear understanding of the market

2. Setting the level of their ambition and deciding where to play

 3. Establishing the right structure and distribution set up

4. Choosing the right partners

5. Designing a route to retailers/ distribution.

It has been a very successful and fruitful presentation and interaction.

The MABC thanks Mr Stefano Niavas and Mr Mark Van Beuningen for their presentation and insights. Heartful thanks to all attendees and participants who contributed for the success of this event.

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